1) What is Your Name?
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2) How old are you?

3) Tell us a little about your family?
I have been married to Andreas for 5 years and this fall we were blessed with our first child Emma Catherine.

4) What is the Name of Your Church?
The Lewinsville Presbyterian Church in McLean, Virginia

5) Does your Youth Ministry have a name?  If so, what is it?
Not Really. Just The Lewinsville Presbyterian Church Youth Ministries.

6) What is your role in the ministry?
I am the full-time Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries.

7) How long have you been at your present church?
I have been at Lewinsville since June 2001.

8) How long have you been in Youth Ministry all together?
I have been in youth ministry since September 1999.

9) What is your greatest passion in Youth Ministry?
My greatest passion in youth ministry is connecting with the youth on a personal level.

10) What would you say is your "life verse"?
Eph. 3:20-21

11) What is your passion in life?
My family

12) Share one ministry highlight for you?
Our youth group led our congregation in a Tenebrae and Living Stations of the Cross worship service on Good Friday. Everyone who was there went away transformed. It was amazing for our kids to see our pastor speechless with tears in his eyes.

13) Share one ministry lowlight for you?
After preaching my first sermon, I received a scathing e-mail attack from a parishioner that was intentionally hurtful and cruel in not only his criticism of my sermon but of me. It took me a long time to get over that and thicken my skin.

14) What have you done in your ministry that has had the greatest impact on students?
Most definitely the Stations of the Cross. I have done it at two churches and both groups of youth were surprised at how moved they were by the experience.

15) What is something in ministry that you would warn others to NEVER do?
Never, ever look for anything other than the best in each kid you meet.

16) In a sentence or two, what is your definition of a "successful youth ministry"?
A successful youth ministry is one that equips kids to live out the answer to the question "If I proclaim Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, what difference will it make in my life?"

17) In your opinion what are some of the biggest needs of teens today?
Kids need time. They need to slow down and be less “well-rounded” and more willing to spend time with God.

18) What advice would you give the teens of today?
Don’t take school, grades, sports, etc. so seriously- being a good basketball player might get you into college, but won’t get you through life. Only your faith will do that.

19) If you could tell parents ONE thing, what would it be?
Model the faith you want them to have- let them see and hear you pray for them and with them, go to church with them, study the Bible together. Youth learn by watching you.

20) What book(s) are you presently reading?
Triumph of the Lion, the 19th book in a biblical historical fiction series called Children of the Lion by Peter Danielson.

21) What would be the top 3 books you would recommend?
1) "Letters from a Skeptic" by Gregory Boyd;
2) "The Godbearing Life" by Kenda Creasy Dean;
3) "Children of the Lion" series by Peter Danielson

22) What two movies would you most recommend to other youth workers?
1) "Luther" starring Joseph Fiennes
2) Mel Gibson’s "The Passion of Christ"

23) Who is your favorite musician/music group?
Prince. I was born and raised in Minnesota, and much of his music is very spiritual.

24) Who has been the biggest influence on you in youth ministry?
My own youth group growing up. It was the first place that showed me the importance of unconditional acceptance and how life-changing even the most innocuous conversations can be.

25) What direction would you like to see your ministry move toward?
I would love to see our youth take more of a leadership role rather than expecting the adults to do it all.

26) What is the most significant thing God has taught you since being in Youth Ministry?
I’m not in control at all. God will take care of everything if I would just be patient and let Him do it.

27) Youth ministry involves a lot of doing and giving to others.  What do you do in order to get fed and encouraged?
I have a "this-is-why-I-do-this" file where I keep notes, cards and e-mails from youth, parents, or other church members. When I'm having a bad day I pull them out and read them.

28) If you could have done three things differently when you were a teenager yourself, what would they have been?
I would have been less concerned with how I thought people saw me. I would have taken more risks. I would have gone on our church youth mission trips.

29) What would you say are three to five MUST-HAVE resources for every youth worker?
1) Youth Specialties' "Ideas Library"
2) "The Message" by Eugene Peterson
3) "The Godbearing Life" by Kenda Creasy Dean

30) Have you contributed anything to the YM Exchange on Pastor2youth.com?
Not yet, but I’ve only been a member for a short time.

31) How could we pray for you and your ministry?
Please pray that we reach these extremely affluent and overprogrammed kids with the Gospel.

32) Would you be willing to share a picture of you and/or your group with us?

This picture was taken on our senior high mission trip last summer. I’m all the way on the right in a dark green shirt and I’m 6 months pregnant in the picture!Click Here to view the full-sized picture.

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