1) What is Your Name?
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2) How old are you?
33 years old

3) Tell us a little about your family?
I am married to Jennifer and we don’t have any kids…yet!

4) What is the Name of Your Church?
Emmanuel Baptist Church of Paris in Paris, France

5) Does your Youth Ministry have a name?  If so, what is it?
No…not yet

6) What is your role in the ministry?
Full-time youth pastor.

7) How long have you been at your present church?
10 months

8) How long have you been in Youth Ministry all together?
About 15 years

9) What is your greatest passion in Youth Ministry?
To see kids so excited about their faith that they can’t help but to share Christ with others.

10) What would you say is your "life verse"?
I Peter 3:15

11) What is your passion in life?
To see kids on fire for God

12) Share one ministry highlight for you?
At my last church we took a group of students from Washington state to Slovakia for a month to do English camps…it was so great to see the kids not only be used by God, but also to grow themselves.

13) Share one ministry lowlight for you?
I had a youth pastor experience where the pastor’s philosophy didn’t mesh with mine, so I ended up leaving after a short time.

14) What have you done in your ministry that has had the greatest impact on students?
Mission/service trips have always been a great implement for impact.

15) What is something in ministry that you would warn others to NEVER do?
Never, never go to a church until you are convinced that your philosophy of ministry will work with the pastor’s and the church's.

16) In a sentence or two, what is your definition of a "successful youth ministry"?
A ministry where kids can come and be themselves, be loved, and grow closer to Christ.

17) In your opinion what are some of the biggest needs of teens today?
To know the truth about the decisions that they make and how those decisions will effect the rest of their lives.

18) What advice would you give the teens of today?
Choose your friends well and stay in the Word!

19) If you could tell parents ONE thing, what would it be?
Pray for your kids!

20) What book(s) are you presently reading?
"The DaVinci Code" and "The Purpose Driven Life."

21) What would be the top 3 books you would recommend?
1) “High School Ministry" by Yaconelli and Burns
2) “Biblical Leadership" by Strauch
3) “The Case for Christ" by Strobel

22) What two movies would you most recommend to other youth workers?
1) Princess Bride
2) Truman Show

23) Who is your favorite musician/music group?
Audio Adrenaline

24) Who has been the biggest influence on you in youth ministry?
Three youth pastor friends…Scott Totton, Mark Staples and Kevin Pitts.

25) What direction would you like to see your ministry move toward?
Focusing more on reaching out to the student’s friends.

26) What is the most significant thing God has taught you since being in Youth Ministry?
Go with His plan, not my plan.

27) Youth ministry involves a lot of doing and giving to others.  What do you do in order to get fed and encouraged?
Weekly meetings with the other pastors on staff, going to two Bible studies that I don’t lead and talking with my wonderful wife.

28) If you could have done three things differently when you were a teenager yourself, what would they have been?
Not dated as much, reached out to non-Christians more and taken French.

29) What would you say are three to five MUST-HAVE resources for every youth worker?
1) A rubber chicken
2) The Ideas collection
3) A computer with internet access (using messenger programs to talk to youth)
4) A flexible spirit

30) Have you contributed anything to the YM Exchange on Pastor2youth.com?
Not yet, but I plan to.

31) How could we pray for you and your ministry?
Since our church is in a constant state of transition (many families are only in Paris for 2 years so half of the youth group leaves each year), finding staff and student leaders is always a chore. Also the student’s schedules are busy, so many aren’t able to come to youth group consistently.

32) Would you be willing to share a picture of you and/or your group with us?

Pic #1: We did a fun ropes course type event and this is most of the group who went. Pic #2: We did a progressive dinner through Paris on Bikes. It was fun and nobody got hit by a car (this was God taking care of us!) This is most of our group before we left. Picture #3: This is a picture of me and my wife...I am the bald one. Click Here to view the full-sized picture #1. Here for #2. Here for #3.

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