1) What is Your Name?
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2) How old are you?
35 years young

3) Tell us a little about your family?
God has blessed me with a wonderful wife, Jennifer, and two beautiful girls, Mykayla (8) and Brianna (6).

4) What is the Name of Your Church?
Paramount Terrace Christian Church

5) Does your Youth Ministry have a name?  If so, what is it?
Nope…we’re working on that.

6) What is your role in the ministry?
I am full-time, minister to middle school students.

7) How long have you been at your present church?
I just began here 11 months ago.

8) How long have you been in Youth Ministry all together?
I am going on my 16th year in student ministry.

9) What is your greatest passion in Youth Ministry?
To see Jesus alter students’ lives in their daily walks.

10) What would you say is your "life verse"?
I Cor 10:33-11:1 – to be able to say what Paul said – for students to look at my life and live it because I’m striving to be more like Christ!

11) What is your passion in life?
To be a servant – used by God however He needs.

12) Share one ministry highlight for you?
One of our students (in my first ministry) wrote a response to the editor which got published in the paper. The editor blasted faith/religion, and this kid got so fired up that he wrote a very clear and concise response from the Christian perspective. It was great to see God work thru him like that.

13) Share one ministry lowlight for you?
I was “forced to resign” from our first ministry by an elder that just really had it out for me. I hung in there for 4 years of battling before I finally let it go. It was tough to leave those kids.

14) What have you done in your ministry that has had the greatest impact on students?
In 16 years of full-time ministry, by far the event(s) with the most impact have been service projects. I’ve been overseas a number of times, and have done innercity mission trips – all of them are what students remember and what impacts their lives the most.

15) What is something in ministry that you would warn others to NEVER do?
Well, adultery…murder…putting jello in the baptistry… Ok, seriously, mmmmmm…I’d say never lose your passion/zeal for God. When your spiritual life is a downer, you’re in trouble.

16) In a sentence or two, what is your definition of a "successful youth ministry"?
A successful youth ministry communicates the love of God to a lost generation. A successful youth ministry is drawing students because of their contagious love for the community.

17) In your opinion what are some of the biggest needs of teens today?
Good, solid Christian relationships (with their friends and with some caring adults). They need to be told the truth in a world full of deceit. They need parents who really care for them and will stand up and be their parent.

18) What advice would you give the teens of today?
Love God…love others.

19) If you could tell parents ONE thing, what would it be?
Get a clue! Look at your lifestyle and example that you are setting for your kids!

20) What book(s) are you presently reading?
Ortberg’s “God is Closer Than You Think”; Jim Collins “Good to Great”; Tony Evans “Dry Bones Dancing”; Gordon MacDonald “A Resilient Life”; John Maxwell “Winning with People”; each year I read “The Lord of the Rings” by Tolkien

21) What would be the top 3 books you would recommend?
1) The Barbarian Way – Erwin MacManus
2) Purpose-Driven Life – Rick Warren
3) Good to Great – Jim Collins

22) What two movies would you most recommend to other youth workers?
1) Shawshank Redemption
2) The Matrix series (great post-modern analogy of Christianity)

23) Who is your favorite musician/music group?
Relient K

24) Who has been the biggest influence on you in youth ministry?
My dad (his example of being a Christian has influenced me the most).

25) What direction would you like to see your ministry move toward?
I’d like to see us involving more parents and impacting them alongside of our students – rather than always having the two separated.

26) What is the most significant thing God has taught you since being in Youth Ministry?
I am much smaller than I think I am…and God is much bigger than I’ll ever know.

27) Youth ministry involves a lot of doing and giving to others.  What do you do in order to get fed and encouraged?
Make sure my daily quiet time stays consistent. Meet with our student ministry team regularly for times of worship/prayer. Take time outside of youth group activities to serve others. Go to a couple of conferences/ conventions each year.

28) If you could have done three things differently when you were a teenager yourself, what would they have been?
1) Been more serious about my faith in jr high; 2) Tried inviting friends to our youth group; and 3) Been a better bigger brother.

29) What would you say are three to five MUST-HAVE resources for every youth worker?
1) Youth Specialties Ideas Library
2) NIV Application Commentary
3) Relevant Network subscription
4) Interl’inc music package

30) Have you contributed anything to the YM Exchange on Pastor2youth.com?

31) How could we pray for you and your ministry?
I’ve gone from a smaller church (about 500) to a bigger place (about 2,500) – just prayer for me to figure out the changes/transitions and let God use our family here.

32) Would you be willing to share a picture of you and/or your group with us?

This is a picture of me with my daughters after I lost a bet with our youth group – in which case I had to dye my hair pink for 2 weeks.
Click Here to view the full-sized picture.

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