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Thursday, 05 November 2009 05:33

Left Right Gift Pass

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(Everyone stands in a circle holding the gift they brought, or a wrapped a single wrapped gift is given to one participant. As the following story is read, each time the word RIGHT is said, the gift(s) get passed one time to the right; every time the word LEFT is said, the gifts are passed one time to the left. Read slow enough for the kids to keep up, but fast enough to keep things funny. The gift you have at the end of the story is the one you keep.) Christmas was almost here and Mother RIGHT was finishing the Christmas baking. Father RIGHT, Sue RIGHT, and Billy RIGHT returned from their last minute Christmas errands. "There's not much LEFT to be done," said Father RIGHT as he came into the kitchen. "Did you leave the basket of food at the church?" asked Mother RIGHT. "I LEFT it RIGHT where you told me to," said Father RIGHT. "I'm glad my shopping is done," said Billy RIGHT. "I don't have any money LEFT." The telephone rang, and Sue RIGHT LEFT to answer it. She rushed back and told the family, "Aunt Tilly RIGHT LEFT a package for us RIGHT on Grandpa RIGHT's porch. I'll go over there RIGHT now and get it," she said as she LEFT in a rush. Father RIGHT LEFT the kitchen and brought in the Christmas tree. By the time Sue RIGHT returned, Mother RIGHT, Father RIGHT, and Billy RIGHT had begun to decorate their tree. The entire RIGHT family sang carols as they finished the trimming. They LEFT all of the presents under the tree and went to bed hoping they had selected the RIGHT gifts for their family. Now, I hope you have the RIGHT present for yourself because that's all that's LEFT of our story ... except to wish you a Magical Holiday ... isn't that RIGHT?
Thursday, 05 November 2009 04:27

North, South, Central

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This game can range from 2 to 30 teens and beyond. North, South, Central is played exactly like the title says. All those involved start out in the center, marked either with a rope or an already painted line. This is central. When the game director calls a direction everyone has to move that direction. The slowest one is out. What is fun is calling out a direction, then calling out serveral more and the last one called is where they have to end up. CENTRAL - Everyone goes to center SOUTH - South end of the area NORTH - North end of the area To get even more crazy you could add east and west. This is a great game to have if you need something easy with no set up or props.
Tuesday, 29 January 2008 17:41

Icicle Fight

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Supplies needed: straws, q-tips Students are split up into 2 teams. Give each student a straw, and split up q-tips evenly between the two sides. When you say go, students pick up the q-tips and blow them to the other side. After a pre-determined amount of time, say stop. The team with the fewest q-tips on its side wins. Or it can have no purpose other than an energy-waster. Beware: don't let your teens tilt their heads back to far or the q-tip will go into their mouths.
Friday, 19 November 2004 09:52

Stuff the Turkey

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You will need: 2 sweatshirts (XL or bigger) 2 pairs of sweat pants (XL or bigger) 20 med size balloons for each team 1 safety pin for each team Divide group into two teams and give each team a pair of sweat pants and a sweatshirt . Choose one person from each team to be the "turkey." The turkey must put on the sweatshirt and sweat pants (over their clothes). The rest of the team has 3-5 mins to stuff as many inflated balloons as possible into the sweat suit. When time is up one (responsible) team member pops the balloons through the sweat suit to count how many balloons were used. The team with the most stuffed balloons wins. Great photo op!
Saturday, 03 May 2003 12:01

Task Relay

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This game is a relay. Divide kids up into 2 teams. Have a volunteer stand about 15 feet in front of the line holding a basket or hat with each hand. In the basket are 10 or 12 (depending on how many kids you have) slips of paper with things the kids must do or perform. When we have done this game in the past, some of the items have been "Get your whole team to sing the Brady Bunch theme song with you," "Name 5 US Presidents" "Run around the church 5 times screaming "I Love Jesus" "Form a pyramid with everyone on your team" and so on. The papers can really say almost ANYTHING which is what makes this game fun. Be creative. The first team to finish wins.
Saturday, 03 May 2003 12:01

Stick the Lifesaver Game

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Stick the licked lifesavers on someone's face game. (Christmas version) This is an old take-off of the 'stick the licked lifesavers on someone's face game' but with a holiday flair. Get three or four or five guys (the less hairy the better) and have each guy assemble a team of five or six others to build a Christmas wreath on the guy's stomach using licked red and green Christmas mints, lifesavers, and red gum (for the bow). You'll find that once you put one of those Christmas mints in your mouth it gets real sticky and sticks to a bare tummy pretty well. Give all of the teams about five minutes to 'build' their circular wreath and let 'em go at it. After five minutes, have all of the teams sit down and then vote on the best one. Feel free to use other candy, too. Gummy Worms, Jolly Ranchers, and other mints work well and add color. Just make sure that you run a test beforehand to make sure that it sticks well. As a rule, the more slobber... the better. You'll want to get guys that don't mind revealing their belly and getting a little sticky. As a side note... don't use Big Red or cinnamon gum for the bow. It burns a little when it gets wet and is put on someone's tender tummy and sits for a while. Doubt me? Try it yourself.... I did - ouch.
Saturday, 03 May 2003 12:00

Station Game

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Assign as many stations as games and leaders available. Put one game at each station and "tweak it" as to create an aggressive 4 minute point earning encounter. Ex. Guesstures: everyone takes a turn acting an item from a card. You get 1 point for a correct answer and minus 2 for a pass. Jenga: as soon as a team arrives at the station they must erect the tower. then each person takes a turn at pulling a piece out. 1 point for each piece taken out, minus 5 for knocking the tower over. (You have to figure out how to score each station w/ each game. Make it your own) Break group into even numbered teams. each team starts at one station, then has 4 minutes to accumulate as many points as possible. at 4 minutes a timekeeper yells, "Switch!!!" then they must move to next station. when all the teams have done each station, you add up all the points from each station and then you have your winner. It involves some set-up work, but once the game is going everyone has a great time. KEYS: "Don't lose time in between stations, your next 4 minutes starts at "Switch" / "Get to the next station quick and quiet so that the station can be explained to you as quick as possible" "Don't be to loud or another team may eavesdrop some answers from you". This was a game i started doing on retreats, but have found that you can do it anywhere and add or subtract different stations as you want. For example, once i had a stillness & silence station where for 4 minutes the group had to sit completely still and silent while the station leader yelled screamed, picked his nose to try and get them to move. the team started with 20 points in the beginning and then lost a point each time someone moved or laughed. You can put in a bigger station like a free throw station if you have the equipment. OTHER GAMES USED: Scrabble: Take a handful of scrabble letters, each group gets point for words formed of 3 letters or more with bonus for bigger words. Bunko: Get a handful of dice, each person takes a turn rolling until 4 minutes is up, i point for each 5 rolled, bonus for four 5's rolled etc. the list goes on and on, that's the great thing about it, there all the room you could want to make it how you want it to look.
Saturday, 03 May 2003 12:00

Snowless Snowball Fight

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This is a fun game to play if you like having snowball fights, but do not have any snow. You'll need white pantyhose and flour to make the snowballs and how many depends on your groupsize (about 1 to 1.5 per person). You take the pantyhose and cut the two legs apart from each other. You take an 8oz paper cup, fill it with flour and put it into the bottom of the pantyhose leg. Then you tie off the pantyhose with two square knots on top off each other, cut the pantyhose in between the knots and you have a snowless snowball. Repeat the process where the knot is still in the leg until you have used it all. You should get about 8 per leg from "queen size" hose. Now you have snowballs that do not hurt too bad when they hit you and you can use throw them over and over again. With these snowballs you can play any number of games. One is to have the group break up into two teams with a brave youth leader as the leader, or should I say target for each team. Split the area of play in half and have the leaders positioned a good ways away from each other in a designated place with only a little room to move around (a circle 4ft across is good). Then have the teams try and hit the other team's leader. If a person is hit with a snowball while on the enemies side, they have to drop their snowball and return to their territory. The team that ends up with the leader that has less flour on them is the winner. To make the game a little more interesting, suprise everyone by entering waterballons in as ammunition half-way through the game.
Saturday, 03 May 2003 12:00


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You will need seven stones or shoes or other small objects. The kids are divided into 4 equal groups, with one group in each corner of the area you are in. the seven objects are put into the middle of the room, with a square drawn round them and a small square in front of each team. The team members are numbered from one to whatever. you then call out a number, one for example the four people numbered one then fly out of their space like they have a bee in their pants and grabs an object from the center and places, not throws, it in their team square they then run back and get another object and so on until all the objects are got. The team with three or more in their team square gains 1 point. The game now moves into phase 2 where the teams now go get an object from another teams square when the number is called. So number 2 is called, all number 2's fly out and grab 1 object from another teams square and sits down if there is a team with three or more in the square give em a point.
Saturday, 03 May 2003 12:00

Name That Tune

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Basically a take off on the old game show by the same name. You will need a stereo system of some sort as well as numerous CD's and/or tapes - the kids also enjoy being able to bring their own music (make sure they mark their own stuff because the music will likely get mixed up). Divide the group into two teams and have each team select a "captain." The basic premise of the game is to have the two teams bid on who can name the song and artist played in the least amount of time. Before the bidding, I usually give them a couple of categories such as, for example, the type: Christian/Secular/Country/Etc., and skill level: Easy/Medium/Hard, and occasionally, the time frame: year/decade/etc. One team starts the bidding, through their captain, by saying they can name it in, for example, 45 seconds. The other team then has the opportunity to bid below that time, and so on until one team is not willing to bid below the other. I set a bottom bid limit of 2 seconds (which they still usually get). I found it works best to have all bids/answers come through the “captain” so no confusion is created by someone blurting something out. I also require that there is a team majority to bid below 5 seconds so one person doesn’t get the whole team into trouble. Once a final bid is made, I play the song from the beginning for the bid time. At that time, the team who has the bid has 20 seconds or so to submit their guess through the captain. If they guess correctly, they get 3 points. If they cannot guess it or guess incorrectly, the other team has a chance to steal for 2 points if they can guess correctly at that time. If neither team gets it, I play the song for 30 seconds more (or longer if needed) and take the first hand I see during that time for an answer. If guessed correctly, that team is awarded 1 point. You can play for a certain amount of time or up to a certain point level. The rules can obviously be changed as necessary for your group.
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