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Tuesday, 06 November 2012 22:06

Bouncy Ball Blitz

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- At least 100 small bouncy balls ("superball"/"high bounce" type") in 4 different colors.
- 1 large bucket or container
- 4 smaller buckets or containers
- A tall ladder, if you do not have high place to stand above the playing area
- An indoor playing area with a hard floor

Very simple rules and concept.  Collect your teams color of balls and place them in your teams container as fast as you can.

How to Play:
Divide your group into 4 teams and assign them a corner, a color, and a container.   On "Go" you will dump or toss all the balls onto the main playing floor area and teams will have to collect only their color of balls and put them in their bucket. First team to collect all their balls or collect the most in the assigned time wins.

You can just stand in the middle of the playing area and throw all 100+ balls up, but I would suggest having a high area overlooking the playing area or dump the balls from a tall ladder, in order really get them REALLY bouncing!!

It is a fun, chaotic quick game that you can play over and over again.  Make it more fun with more balls, more colors and more teams. For a extra challenge use balls with flashing light and darken your playing area.

Thursday, 05 November 2009 05:38

Bush Babies

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The title makes no sense... The idea is like concentration everyone one in a circle and one stands in the middle with (extreme) rolled up news paper or (sissy) foam sword (you'll find at dollar stores) - usualy each chair gets an animal name... To start one sitting player stands in their spot calls out their animal and another (basic no call back rule and no calling neighbours) the player in the middle with stick has to hit (knees or under only!) the next player before they pass it on (call their animal and call the next one) the look of fear and panic on their faces as someone with a stick of somekind barrels down on them is worth gold :)
Thursday, 05 November 2009 05:37

Cross-Country Spoons

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This is a new take on the game of spoons. with normal spoons, you have a couple of decks of cards (depending on the size of your group) and one less spoon than people playing. generaly, spoons go in the middle of the circle and your group sits around the outside trying to get three of the same cards (3 kings, fives, sixes etc. suit doesnt matter). With cross country spoons, you place to spoons in another room, we started this game at the front of our church and had the spoons at the back of the church upstairs. once one person gets three of the same, everyone runs to where the spoons are. we had to stop going upstairs because the staircase was a bit old and unsafe when you have 20 kids trying to make their way up at once! so we just went from the hall out the back to the front of the church. it could be done anywhere, and the further they have to run, the quicker they get worn out and quiet down!
Thursday, 05 November 2009 05:30

4way Capture the flag

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Divide the room into 4. In the center of each area place a flag on a microphone stand then tape a small perimeter around it. Divide the group into 4 teams, and let them go at it. The first team with all 4 flags wins. The area around the flag is a 30 sec safe zone. Tagged players must be escorted to jail. Jailbreak is caused by tagging someone in jail your team or another. We meet in the sanctuary and found that leaving the chairs set up adds a lot of fun. Just queue up some loud music and they will play all night if you let them.
Thursday, 05 November 2009 04:46

Pew Crawl

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Simply have students race each other from the front of the seats to the back - army crawling underneath. All that's needed is a ready set go and watch them burn the energy. Because we have a small group as yet, we did 3 at a time and awarded 1st, 2nd & 3rd. Was an absolute hit! Enjoy.
Thursday, 05 November 2009 04:44

Blow Pong

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Supplies. Billiards table ( pool table ), one ping pong ball, two cues, garbage bag for anyone who appears to be loosing lunch, water for participants - post play. CAMERA Warning, this is not a game for the faint of heart. If you are asthmatic, or have a cough, please refrain from participation. 1. Divide teens into groups of four - six students. 2. Allow them to gather around a pool table. 3. Place the pool cues in front of the middle pockets. 4. Participants must attempt to blow the ping pong ball into the opposing team's end and score by sink the ball into one of the two pockets, while each defending their own end. 5. Its a good idea to prepare the camera ahead of time, this is a very intense, very hilarious game. 6. Participants are not allowed to touch the table surace with any part of their bodies, they can lean on but nothing can touch, hair included - that may block progress. 7. Allow the teens to strategically place their team around the table. 8. Yell"Blow!" and back up before you are trampled. 9. Try not to split a gut laughing at the teams in action. 10. Add a special prize for the teams who takes the least breaks. 11. The game ends when one team scores for in a row. 12. The losing team calls the breaks, 40 seconds long. 13. If its getting to one sided, add another ball, midway and prepare to laugh even harder, or run for your life : )
Thursday, 05 November 2009 04:35

Doctor Ball

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This game is great if you have a gym; it's a favorite from working at the YMCA. 1) Divide the group in 2 teams. Have each team stand on opposite ends of the gym and line up a variety of soft foam/kickballs in the middle of the gym. 2) Before play each team chooses a "Dr." who is allowed to tag "sick" players back into the game. 3) On your signal, the teams rush up to the middle and grab a ball and basically play dodgeball, being sure not to cross over into the other teams' side of the gym and targeting only the waist and below. 4) When a player is hit, they are "sick" and sit down where they were hit. The trick is to see whose team can keep their Doctor a secret, because once the doctor is out, everyone is out for good. 5) If your gym has basketball goals on each end, you can add a rule that if anyone hits the rim with a ball from their end of the gym - everyone, including the doctor, is back in the game. 6) If someone catches a ball before it hits the ground, the thrower is out. 7) If a thrower hits someone in the head, the thrower is out. Good for emphasizing waist and below targeting.
Thursday, 05 November 2009 04:34

Human Tic Tac Toe

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Line three rows of three chairs like a tic tac toe board. Make teams out of nine or more kids. Give them each numbers starting at one and so on, so that each team has one of each number. Have a team on each side of the chairs. Have some one or yourself call out a number. The two people with that number race to the chairs and take a seat, keep calling nubers until a team lines up three people from thier team in a row. the game gets kind of physicall at times so be carfull. Its alot of fun and good for a last minuet game. all it takes is 9 chairs. If your indoor area is to small it is just as fun outside.
Thursday, 05 November 2009 04:32


Written by
Split teams evenly to two walls of a gym or large room. It is best to use only one half of a fullsize gym. the game starts. One goes off the wall, one person on the other team goes after him because the latter is "fresher" than his opponent. the cycle continues until someone is tagged by an opponent who is fresher. that person is brought to jail(linking arms with other prisoner), he/she is freed by a person on their team who tags them on their team and is allowed to go back. If anyone is tagged or freed, they get to go back to their side without being tagged. Once you get good, you can add the wall rule, when a person touches the opposing team's wall without being tagged, they can go back and either free a prisoner or take an opponent to jail. Occasionally yelling "JAILBREAK" frees all the prisoners and levels up the playing field. once one team is doing better than another (captured lots of prisoners) or time is over, the game ends and one side wins.
Thursday, 05 November 2009 04:30


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Supplies: Felt strips or Flag Football flags (2 for every person playing) Directions: Divide your group into four team and give every player 2 flags. Have the players tuck the flags into the back of their pants. Make sure that plenty of the flag is visible and that they are tucked in, not tied on. Send each team into one of the corners of the room and number the corners 1-4. To play the game: Call out 2 corners at a time, and when you say go, the players in those corners must switch sides. While switching, each team should try to grab the flags of the opposing team members. When both of a players flags are gone, that player is out of the game. When you shout "BEDLAM" every team must switch corners with the corner diagonal from them. The game is over when there is only 1 player remaining OR you can have it end when there are 2-3 players left and count up which team has collected the most flags from opposing teams. This is a HIGH energy and potentially biolent game...but it is AWESOME!!
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