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Sunday, 15 January 2012 23:44

Peanut Butter Face

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Teams of Three. Nominate a spreader, a thrower, and a catcher. What you need: A couple jars o\' peanut butter, and a couple bags of cheetoes. The Catcher sits down on a chair. The spreader has 3 minutes to take the jar of peanut butter, and smear it all over the catcher\'s face. COVER EVERYTHING! After the allotted time, give a bowl of Cheetoes to the Thrower. Have the Thower stand back about 10 feet. On your \"go,\" the thrower is to try to get the most cheetoes to stick to their teammates face. Once everyone is out of cheetoes, count up the results and declare a winner! A garbage bag \"poncho\" is encouraged.
Sunday, 15 January 2012 23:43

Messy Twister

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This game\'s great. We\'ve used it for our Summer Program two years in a row. We had a day where we played messy games and had the kids bring old grubby clothes. You need a Twister board (you\'ll probably want to dispose of it afterwards), Garbage bags, crazy kids, paper plates, tape, and some food items. Tell 4 kids to take off their shoes and socks, and roll up their pantlegs. Cut a hole in the trashbag, and have each kid put one on, so it looks like a poncho. On the Twister board, tape a paper plate to each dot. Here\'s the catch...on the red dots, fill the plates with ketchup. On the yellow dots, mustard, on the green dots, green beans, and on the blue dots, blue Jello. You\'ll be surprised how long kids can stay up when they REALLY don\'t want to fall (Oh but when they do.....). We also ran a boys heat and a girls heat, for obvious Jr. High reasons..
Thursday, 05 November 2009 04:34

Food Drive Scavenger Hunt

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This is a great game with a purpose. First, check with your local food pantry or soup kitchen and get a list of all their 'needed' items. From their list, create a new list of food and non-food items and give each item a point value (more expensive items get higher points). Go to a local grocery store and ask to borrow a few grocery carts and you're set. Divide your group into smaller teams (probably 4-7 per group) and send them out into the neighborhood on a food scavenger hunt. All of the items collected can then be boxed and taken to the food pantry as a group! Make sure you give them enough time to really hit the neighborhood... at least 1 1/2 to 2 hours!
Thursday, 09 December 2004 16:35


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This was always a fun games to play. Start out with as many teams as you want (at least two) the more the better. Give each team some thing small and of little value (i.e. plastic cup). Send them off in different directions around the neighborhood and tell them what time they need to be back. While going around the neighborhood they need to knock on doors and ask the person whether they have something bigger (larger in size) or better (worth more) than whatever it is that they have. Then they trade. Just keep doing this until times up It's really interesting what some people will give you. It ranges to anything everything from an old computer to clothes to cash. One time we even got an old car that actually still worked.
Friday, 19 September 2003 10:14

Pie Drop Game

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Divide into groups of 4-6 . Each team member must lie on his back with his feet in the air, meeting in the center of the circle. A disposable aluminum pie pan filled with shaving cream is placed on the elevated feet. The object is for each member to remove his shoes without letting the pie pan fall. the team that gets their shoes of first wins!
Thursday, 01 May 2003 01:56

William Tell

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fill up the water guns,make two teams,pick two volunteers to start.have volunteers stand 15 feet away from person with water gun put shaving cream in a pile on top of the volunteers head and fire away till they knock it off, then go through the line, the first team to go all the way through the line wins. volunteers go to back of the line.
Thursday, 01 May 2003 01:56

What Are We?

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Break up the group into 2-4 teams. Have them assemble together. The judge or judges have to get to a somewhat of an elevated position. You can stand on a chair. You call out an object and each group has to make that object as it would be seen from above. The judge decides whose shape looks the most realistic and awards a point. Play 5 or 6 rounds increasing the difficulty of the shape. When I did this we had a high balcony to use at our University. It was a blast. Some examples of shapes are, a stop sign, a chair, a palm tree with coconuts, a dog, a person, or a pair of sunglasses
Thursday, 01 May 2003 01:56

Weight Machine

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1 Volunteer and 3 helpers Have people find out the weight of the volunteer prior to the game. (They need to find out as naturally as possible). During your meeting have one of the helpers come up and explain how this person has the uncanny gift of guessing the weight of anyone they meet. Then ask for three volunteers. Choose the other two helpers and the volunteer you are going to get. Have the three 'volunteers' stand off to one side of the room. Have the weight machine person sit on the floor and then bring over the first helper/volunteer. They sit down facing the weight machine and put the bottoms of their feet against the bottom of the weight machine's feet. They both reach across and grab wrists. The weight machine leans back and lifts the other person off their butt and then lowers them back down. They think about how heavy the helper was and then announces their weight. (Of course, you already gave him this information beforehand - although a pronouncement of 400 lbs for a small ninth grade girl is funny, too) This is repeated for the other helper and then the true volunteer. But after the weight machine lifts the true volunteer up you slide a monster sized, plastic bowl or pan of water under where their butt will be lowered.
Thursday, 01 May 2003 01:56

Traffic Light - Revised

Written by
First lay the plates out in a line far enough apert to have people stand on them. Then place 8 people on them, facing the middle one which is open like so L L L L O R R R R. The object is to get them entire sides to slip without leaving the paper plates. There's more, they cannot jump a member of their side who faces the same way, they have to take turn (L then R and then L and so forth), and they can only jump one person at a time. Last, they cannot backtrack and must start over when no one can move. Here's the answer sheet for those keeping score, it's long so bear with me. L L L L O R R R R L L L O L R R R R L L L R L O R R R L L L R L R O R R L L L R O R L R R L L O R L R L R R L O L R L R L R R L R L O L R L R R L R L R L O L R R L R L R L R L O R L R L R L R L R O L R L R L R O R L L R L R O R L R L L R O R L R L R L O R L R L R L R L R O L R L R L R L R R L O L R L R L R R L R L O L R L R R L R L R L O L R R L R L R O L L R R L R O R L L L R R O R L R L L L R R R O L R L L L R R R R L O L L L R R R R O L L L L This is the only answer to this problem. They cannot move out of line to see the full picture, they can't turn around(only with their head) and as one or more get the answer, if they get it too soon, you can handicap them so that they cannot talk or whatever. Thiw makes the rest of the group have to figure it out too. The discussion afterwards can be roles people play in life (idea person, shy and distant, sheep and follows orders, or whatever). With handicapped people, ask them how they felt not being able to help the group at all. Great discussion out of it.
Thursday, 01 May 2003 01:56

Swamp Crossing

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Divide group into two teams. Give each team 3 "rocks" (construction paper cutouts about 1 1/2' x 1 1/2'). Make a start and finish line (maybe 30 feet apart) and tell them that they must get their whole team across without touching the water, using only these rocks to get across. They may move the rocks as they go, however, only one foot can be on a rock at a time. A cool puzzle to try and figure out! Great for building cooperation skills!
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